Nutrition for All


Fiona is qualified Nutritionist and an NLP Practitioner, meaning she is best placed to guide you through the sometimes confusing world and what to eat, and when to eat.  You will never hear mention the word 'Diet', this word does not exist in her vocabulary, instead the first rate advice she offers results in you continuing to enjoy great tasting food, without the 'guilt' associated with eating the wrong foods when dieting.

So, you are looking to lose weight, get fitter, or both?  We have the ideal fitness and nutrition programme for you.  Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand and we are able to help you achieve your goals, by advising you on both.

Fiona will advise you how to make simple but easy changes to your diet and eating habits, to help you lose weight, have more energy, and be healthier - without breaking the bank! No calorie counting, starving yourself, just small changes and suggestions for delicious foods to introduce into your meals and snacks.  Yes - you can still snack, in fact they are recommended, but the right sort of snacks at the appropriate time.

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